Love's Roads
written by Tony Watkins

The story centres around two sets of friendships and two distinct love stories - set in Moscow in 2004 with flashbacks to New York on the morning of 11th Sept 2001.

Firstly there is John Canavan and Tommy Wilson, one catholic, one protestant, who grew up during the N.Ireland troubles in the 1970’s and 80’s – inseparable friends despite the problems in the country at that time. They left Ireland to study in university together and it was there that John presented Tommy with a guitar. For years later on the 10th September they met up for an annual ‘reunion of the first guitar’ celebrating this day together in different parts of the world.

Across the world - two women, and good friends, Olga and Anna, had grown up in the new Russia. Olga worked as a hair stylist in a beauty salon for the Moscow elite. Anna worked for the Russian Immigration authorities. Each had had their share of relationships with foreign guys – largely disappointing and unhappy affairs. Olga carries fond memories of her ’prince’ – a young man that saved her from a violent attack on the Moscow metro when she was a student a few years before. But she also carries with her a dark secret that not even her closest friends know.

John – happily living in New York as a screenwriter – is deeply affected by the events of the New York 9/11 terrorist attack.

In 2004, Tommy, a moderately successful musician, now living in Moscow, encourages John to visit him there for their 10th Sept reunion coinciding with the weekend of his biggest ever concert at the Kremlin in front of the Russian President. Through a series of events – including a meeting and misunderstanding with Olga - over the course of the long weekend in the city both John and Olga are forced to re-assess their lives, their pasts – and more importantly - their future.