“… a contemporary romantic drama set in a lively Moscow environment”
Guild Book Publishing

Date of Release:
25th June 2009

20 chapter book and 20 song
album written and performed
by popular Moscow based

Irish singer/songwriter

Tony Watkins

Story Outline
Date: 10th Sept, 2003:
John Canavan arrives in Moscow to spend three days with his friend, Tommy, for an annual reunion.

Olga Kuznetsova is a professional and successful stylist and on the evening of 10th Sept is with friends on a party boat drinking heavily to take her mind off her own troubles.

On his first evening in Moscow, Tommy takes John to a bar. Whilst there he meets Olga and what starts as a series of misunderstandings between them culminates with drinking coffee on the edge of Red Square and talking about Olga’s failed relationship with an Englishman. John does his best to cheer her up. There is a spark between them but they part.

Over the next 24 hours a series of events take place which bring John and Olga together again and the spark is set to take one step further. However, their destiny is about to be revealed.

With only a few hours before he is due to take his return flight – John has a lot to consider and decisions to make – his life, his destiny …and Olga.

From 2012 Tony will start working on a simulated film version of the book including the music using the Sims3 Games engine – it is the first time such a film has been produced using this engine.

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